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The Sanispire hand sanitizer dispenser comes in at No. 6 on the Emmy-winning WGN Morning News’ popular “9 at 9” segment. On display are Sanispire dispenser towers that have been WGN-branded. The news team discusses how the Sanispire can be customized with a company’s business name or logo or alternatively, “family stuff” such as family photos and inside jokes.

Announcer Mike Toomey, a member of the Emmy-winning WGN Morning News team, introduces the Sanispire dispenser tower, customized for WGN with a station logo and an image of the station’s kitschy local “Greg the Vampire” character played by Toomey himself. “This is one of a kind,” he states. The announcer demonstrates the Sanispire’s easy one-step use for his fellow broadcasters. “I love it,” exclaims anchor Robin Baumgarten.

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