Hand Sanitizer for Schools

Creating a healthier, cleaner learning environment


 The last thing parents should worry about when
they send their children to school is germs

Sani-Spire Hand Sanitizer Dispenser (36" Tall)

Perfect for High Schools, Colleges & Universities

Sani-Jr Hand Sanitizer Dispenser for Kids (30" Tall)

Perfect for Elemenatary Schools, Preschools & Child Care Facilities

Child-friendly School Hand Sanitizer

Children spend much of their day in school. All those little hands touching hundreds of surfaces can add up to big trouble without frequent hand washing. We help make schools healthier by reducing the spread of disease and encouraging kids to sanitize often with the Sani Jr.

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs is to regularly sanitize your hands. Sani-Spire encourages this healthy behavior in schools by making a shorter version of the standard height station so that children of all ages find it easier to use.

We know that touchless hand sanitizer dispensers aren’t new. However, your students will be happy to learn that the Sani Jr doesn’t require a battery but uses a fun manual foot pedal operation instead. Batteries fail without notice. They are expensive to replace and bad for the environment, so we chose a sustainable, eco-friendly solution by implementing an easy-to-use pedal.

Hand sanitizer is dispensed at the top of the unit when a spring-loaded pedal is pressed. The manual, foot-operated dispenser is fun and easy to use and is great for accessibility needs.

The Ultimate School Hand Sanitizer Station

Forged by American metal workers, Sani-Spire hand sanitizer dispensers are sleek from top to bottom. At the top of the Sani Jr unit sits an aluminum cap that locks the dispenser and is tamper-proof so that only your team can access it. Its 30-inch tall metal body is perfect for children, and because the Sani Jr is the result of heavy-duty construction, you can put the dispenser anywhere.

The heavy structure of the Sani Jr hand sanitizer dispenser has a metal base with three pre-drilled holes that, when deployed, will prevent accidental tip-overs. It’s also perfect for indoor as well as outdoor settings since it is waterproof. This eye-catching, inviting sanitizing station belongs in front of your school’s main doors.

Our free-standing hand sanitizer dispensers come in three different colors, and for a nominal additional fee, you can have the dispensers custom painted with your school’s logo and colors. Remind your students who is keeping them safe and healthy by placing your school’s name front and center.


Advantages for schools and educational institutions:

  • Shorter hand stations for younger children.
  • Tamper-proof caps to keep little hands away.
  • Sturdy base prevents accidental tip over and can be securely mounted.
  • A foot-operated pedal ensures the right amount of hand sanitizer is used.

A Few of the Schools and Educational Institutions
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Sani-Spire Sanitizer Dispensers are 100% Customizable

The SaniSpire is made right here in our Illinois workshop.

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