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Television Appearances



PA Live! News Team Accepts Sani Award for Work on Coronavirus


Sani-Spire is front and center in this segment on Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania’s only live afternoon lifestyle TV program. PALive hosts Haley Bianco and Chris Bohinski announce PALive’s receipt of a “Sani Award” for the show’s efforts to stop spread of the coronavirus. The Sani-Spire hand sanitizer dispenser gets its close-up with a full demonstration. “It works great,” Bianco enthusiastically states, and notes the tower will be kept on set for the show’s guests to use.





WGN Morning News Team Loves Sani-Spire Hand Sanitation Dispensers


Announcer Mike Toomey, a member of the Emmy-winning WGN Morning News team, introduces the Sani-Spire dispenser tower, customized for WGN with a station logo and an image of the station’s kitschy local “Greg the Vampire” character played by Toomey himself. “This is one of a kind,” he states. The announcer demonstrates the Sani-Spire’s easy one-step use for his fellow broadcasters. “I love it,” exclaims anchor Robin Baumgarten.



FOX / CBS Rockford

Customized Sani-Spire Towers Dazzle FOX/CBS Rockford News Team


The Sani-Spire is a hand hygiene solution for all seasons, but this Eyewitness News segment on Fox/CBS Rockford spotlights how the Sani-Spire dispenser tower can be custom-decorated to get people “in the spirit” of the holiday season.





Sani-Spire Featured on WGN Morning News’ “9 at 9”


The Sani-Spire hand sanitizer dispenser comes in at No. 6 on the Emmy-winning WGN Morning News’ popular “9 at 9” segment. On display are Sani-Spire dispenser towers that have been WGN-branded. The news team discusses how the Sani-Spire can be customized with a company’s business name or logo or alternatively, “family stuff” such as family photos and inside jokes.




Trade Magazine Publications


Contractor Supply

How Sani-Spire Keeps Users “One Step Ahead” of germs.


Contractor Supply featured Sani-Spire in its Safety Product Carousel. The publication praises Sani-Spire’s sturdy steel construction and notes that the foot-pedal operation will keep users “one step ahead” of germs. “Simple and easy to use” with no electricity required, the dispenser tower is “perfect for warehouses, restaurants, hotels, airports, hospitals and event arenas.”



Food Engineering Magazine

Food Engineer Magazine Highlights Sani-Spire


This food processing industry trade magazine recently featured the Sani-Spire foot-operated hand sanitizer dispenser in its new product highlights. The product description focuses on Sani-Spier’s durability, customization, indoor and outdoor usage and economical benefit of 1,700 uses from a single sanitizer bottle.





Retail & Hospitality

Retail & Hospitality Recommends Sani-Spire “Touch-Free Experience”


Featured in the go-to publication for food service best practices, the Sani-Spire foot-operated standing hand sanitizer dispenser is highlighted for allowing users to “stay clean during the coronavirus pandemic” while having “a touch-free experience.” The publication reports that Sani-Spire was designed for indoor and outdoor uses in industrial, commercial and retail areas.




Food Quality & Safety

Food Quality & Safety Cites Sani-Spire Safety and Durability


The Sani-Spire foot-operated hand sanitizer dispensing station is featured on this trade magazine’s New Products page. Sani-Spire’s battery and sensor-free operation is highlighted, as well as the dispenser’s safety features, including the locking cap that keeps the sanitizer secure.

https://www.foodqualityandsafety.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/FQU0620_FlipThroughCatalogue.pdf (p.41)




How Sani-Spire Steps Up in Battle Against Covid 


FacilitiesNet recently highlighted Sani-Spire’s sturdy foot-operated hand sanitizer dispensing station as a durable, easy-to-use and versatile hand hygiene solution. The free-standing hand sanitizer station is noted for its contact-free hand sanitization.



CStore Decisions

Sani-Spire Featured as Convenience Store Hand Hygiene Solution


Convenience store trade magazine CStore Decisions features Sani-Spire’s 36-inch-tall hand sanitizer dispensing station as reliable, simple, safe and secure to use for all ages.


Food Safety Strategies

Sani-Spire “Caters to Every On-Site Industry”: Food Safety Magazine


Food Safety Magazine, the leading-edge content provider of science-based solutions for food safety, profiled Sani-Spire’s touchless, foot-operated, free-standing hand sanitizer dispenser as a food safety strategy. The product mention noted the dispenser’s secure locking cap to keep the sanitizer safe and secure. 

School Construction News

How Sani-Spire Helps to Stop Coronavirus Spread in Schools


School Construction News reports on how the Sani-Spire sturdy foot-operated hand sanitizer station’s “contact-free” operation helps stop the spread of germs and the coronavirus. The product spotlight notes Sani-Spire’s energy efficiency and economic benefits.

Contractor Online

Contractor Online Spotlights Sani-Spire Usage in High-Traffic Areas


Contractor Online magazine makes note of how the Sani-Spire foot-operated hand sanitizer dispenser is a durable and waterproof solution for indoor and outdoor usage in industrial, commercial and retail areas.