How is sanitizer dispensed through the Sani-Spire®?

You lightly touch a spring loaded pedal with your foot which dispenses the sanitizer into your hands.

Where is the Sani-Spire® made?

Sani-Spire® was designed and is manufactured in Joliet, Illinois by a locally owned business of over 35 years.

What is the Sani-Spire made of?

Sani-Spire® was designed and built to last a lifetime. It is constructed of 16-gauge powder coated steel using a premium powder coated finish. It is highly durable for frequent usage.

What are the Sani-Spire’s Dimensions?

  • 36” tall – perfect size for adults and children
  • 4” Diameter
  • Weighs 15 lbs.
  • 1/8" base plate with 3 pre-drilled holes for bolting into the ground

Do you have to put it together?

No assembly required; it is ready to use right out of the box!

Can the Sani-Spire® go outside?

Yes! It is 100% waterproof, scratch resistant, and rust resistant, perfect for indoor or outdoor use. It can also be bolted to the ground for extra security.

Does it require batteries or electricity?

Nope! The Sani-Spire® does not have electronic parts so it will last and last! 

How much sanitizer does it hold?   

The Sani-Spire® comes pre-filled with a 32 oz pump bottle of hand sanitizer which translates into 1,700 uses per bottle. Side windows allow you to monitor the amount of sanitizer remaining. A lockable aluminum top keeps the sanitizer safe.


Can you use your own sanitizer?

Yes! The Sani-Spire® comes pre-filled with our own 32 oz FDA registered hand sanitizer but it is refillable with any liquid or gel hand sanitizer.

Can I purchase your hand sanitizer?

Yes!  Our 32 oz sanitizer is made of 70% ethyl alcohol to kill 99.9% of germs. It is made in the USA, FDA Registered and Cruelty Free.

What is the Minimum Order?

You can order just 1 or 1,000 Sani-Spires. There is no limit!

How much is Shipping?

$0 – We offer Free Shipping in the USA.

Can you pick a custom color?

Yes! The Sani-Spire® offers 3 standard colors (red, white or grey), but can be customized in any color and can include your company logo or design.


Is there a Warranty?

There is a limited lifetime warranty


What is your return policy?

See our return policy here