About Us

In March 2020, when it became apparent that COVID-19 had arrived, virtually everyone in the country was asked to stay home to reduce the spread of the virus.  All but essential businesses across the country, closed their doors to the public.  

Learning that hand sanitizer would be one way to help reduce the spread of the virus, and seeing what the essential business were able to put out for their customers to use, Mike Zambon, owner of West End Tool & Die, Joliet Illinois, started to think of a way he could help.

Having been in the metal fabrication business for over 25 years, designing and making parts for the automotive, industrial and construction industry, Mike came up with an idea of creating a handsome, well designed, free standing hand sanitizer dispenser for businesses. He created his first prototype and brought it to his long-time friend, Steve Cadkin, owner of Midwest Industrial Metals Corporation in Northlake, Illinois.

Steve took one look at Mike’s invention, and knew that businesses would love to have an attractive way to help their customers stay germ free while in their establishment. The two friends started using the units themselves and asking their friends and businesses associates to test drive the sanitizing dispensers for feedback on improvements.

With just a few tweaks, the Sani-Spire® was born!  The final product design featured the only touchless hand sanitizing dispenser known to exist. Operated by a touch of the foot, sanitizing gel is dispensed – even children can easily, and safely “hanitize”.  

Mike crafted the Sani-Spire® to be a slim and sturdy fixture that was durable enough to be outside and withstand the harsh Chicago weather. But he also made the Sani-Spire® attractive, offering bright colors with the option for custom colors and logos so business customers could highlight their brand.  

Both Mike and Steve share a similar business philosophy and are committed to their customers and staff. They are also dedicated to quality, service and professionalism. It was easy for these two friends and business associates to forge a partnership and get the Sani-Spire® to market immediately.

By May, 2020, Mike and Steve solidified their partnership and put the Sani-Spire® foot operated hand sanitizer dispenser into full production, right here in the heartland. The rest, as they say, is history!