Stepping Up Campus Sanitizing

Keeping students, teachers and school staff safe and germ-free is a priority for every school. Sani-Spire® donated several of its foot-operated sanitizing dispensers, including its new Sani-Jr dispensers to Trinity Christian School in Shorewood, Illinois. The dispensers were branded with the school’s logo and provided free of charge to help the school encourage good hand hygiene throughout their campus.

Trinity Christian School serves over 300 students from preschool through 8th grade and provides a welcoming family atmosphere focused on academic excellence and spiritual and social-emotional learning.

Sani-Spire® is perfect for schools because they are foot-operated and fun which encourages their use. They can easily be installed outside of classroom doors – and can even be installed outside near water fountains or on playgrounds. Because of their bright colors, the dispenser is easily seen as another reminder to keep hands germ-free!

From students to visitors, everyone really loves using the dispensers!  We love how it helps remind the students to keep their hand germ-free. They are so beautiful, perfectly sized and we appreciate them being branded with our school logo!” - Deanne Bekermeier, Director of Development