Sani-Spire Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Station Offers Contact-Free Hand Hygiene

Foot-operated tower design keeps users one step ahead of preventing virus spread

As the country begins the process of re-opening during the most serious health crisis of modern times, Sani-Spire®, a hands-free sanitizer dispensing station, sanitizes hands with just the touch of your foot. Now available, the sturdy and waterproof Sani-Spire® gives users hand hygiene confidence.

Produced in Illinois, the Sani-Spire® was designed for durability. It's fully mechanical design requires no electronic sensors or batteries, meaning it is the most reliable hand sanitizer dispenser on the market. It's robotic welded steel construction and powder coated finish makes it weatherproof, rust resistant, and scratch resistant. The free-standing design can also be anchored into the ground, making it perfect for outdoor usage. It is designed for high-traffic industrial, commercial and retail areas, including warehouses, restaurants, hotels, airports, theme parks, stadiums and hospitals. “The pandemic has brought home the importance of hand hygiene. One thing that all experts agree on and that is above debate is the importance of washing hands and using hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available,” said co-founder Steve Cadkin.

The Sani-Spire® is 36-inches tall and it’s foot pedal operation makes it easy and safe to use for people of all ages. Other distinctive features include:

  • Easy maintenance: Sani-Spire® comes with a 32-ounce sanitizer pump bottle that can be replaced with any brand hand sanitizer. A locking cap makes it safe and secure.

  • Economical: A half-teaspoon of hand sanitizer is dispensed each time regardless of how hard the pedal is pressed. There are 1700 uses in each 32 oz. bottle. The Sani-Spire® requires no batteries or electricity; its carbon imprint is minimal.

  • Customizable: Sani-Spire® towers can be customized in any color with any design or logo. 

“During this pandemic, the health and safety of all Americans is paramount,” Steve said. “Sani-Spire® is an ideal solution to promote good hand hygiene and combat the spread of the coronavirus. It will play a pivotal role in giving employees, customers and visitors confidence when they are out in public or in the workplace."