Review of Sani-Spire from The Motley Guy

The Motley Guy


Standing in the Red Corner, measuring 3ft tall, 4″ wide and weighting in at 15 lbs….

….it’s the Custom Hands Free Sanitizer Dispensing Station you’ve been dreaming of.

A large box arrived at my front door. It was raining and I wasn’t around until 2 hrs later. Soaking wet but strong as can be, I opened the flaps and admired a weatherproof, durable, fully assembled and most securely packed, gray steel beam. What was this?

Housing a 32 oz pump bottle of 70% ethyl alcohol sanitizer, the Sani-Spire® is 3″ tall, 4″ wide, 15lbs and fastened to a round steel base. It requires no batteries. I set it proudly in my home office floor and took a hearty step onto the foot pedal. The correct portion of sanitizer ejected into my hand. I rubbed my hands together, as we’re so accustomed to these days, and stood back, in admiration. What a great looking station!

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