Helping Hands Have Healthy Hands


COVID-19 is difficult for everyone and can be a huge cause for concern for many. For families with a member who is disabled, safety and sanitation is critical. Maintaining good hand hygiene is helpful in slowing the spread of viruses of all types. Sani-Spires’s industrial-grade foot operated sanitizer dispensers help make it easy to keep our most vulnerable healthy.

To help Helping Hands clients have healthy hands, Sani-spire donated 10 branded Sani-Spire® dispensers that the organization could use to keep the hundreds of clients, families and staff that they serve through their educational, therapeutic, residential, and employment opportunities.

The Helping Hands Center of a offers wide range of person-centered programs and services for children and adults with autism in Cook County and greater Chicagoland communities. Sani-Spire® generously donated 10 branded had sanitizing dispensers to the organization.

The Sani-Spire® dispensers are perfect for helping keep our clients, families and staff safe.  We are using them in our programs and everyone loves using them! The branded dispensers are also attractive and look so nice in our buildings.” - Erika Vavrik, VP, Helping Hand Center