Gibsons Chooses Sani-Spire® Hand Sanitizer Dispensers to Help Keep Customers Safe

“Greatest Invention EVER!” – John Pontarelli, General Manager, Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse

Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse has been a Chicago icon since 1989 and in keeping with their high standards of food & service have decided on Sani-Spire to help keep customers' hands safe. The Gibsons Restaurant Group was looking for an elegant yet functional solution to help keep customers and staff safe and sanitized during the COVID-19 pandemic. When they discovered the Sani-Spire® system, a slim profiled, touchless, and free-standing sanitizer unit, they were impressed. When they learned that the units could be custom colored and bear their famous Gibson’s brand, they immediately ordered 100 units.


Gibsons Restaurant Group is known for their dedication to providing unmatched hospitality, quality, and value to its customers. Sani-Spire’s foot operated hand sanitizing dispensers offer Gibson’s customers and staff a safe and easy way to keep their hands clean and germ-free while enjoying their meal. In addition, the beautifully branded sanitizer stations add touchless elegance to Gibsons’ décor.

Employees love it, customers love it – everyone loves it!” declared general manager John Pontarelli. “But most importantly, everyone uses it! It’s a very approachable station and people like that its touchless.

Sani-Spire®, whose founders are frequent patrons at Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse, started manufacturing the patented high-end hand sanitizer dispensers in April of 2020 in their Joliet, Illinois factory. Unimpressed with sanitizing stations seen around town, Sani-Spire® founders Steve Cadkin and Mike Zambon set out to create something that looked attractive, would encourage people to use it, and that businesses could proudly put it at their front door. Constructing the unit from powder coated steel for ultimate durability, the founders designed it in a way that would also be conducive to custom branding.

The final product was an instant hit! In addition to its refined look and effortless function, the Sani-Spire® requires no assembly, can withstand outdoor use, and can easily be bolted to the ground. Sani-Spire® truly offers the perfect sanitizing option for businesses that care about the health and safety of their guests and staff, yet want something that is both attractive, brandable, and easy to use. 

The big advantages of our dispenser is that you don’t have to touch it with your hands; our foot pedal makes it more reliable and easier to use than the motion activated touchless dispensers.” Remarked CEO and co-founder Steve Cadkin, ”It’s exciting to be able to make a high-end sanitizing solution that can be customized, and offers perfect function wrapped in an elegant presentation. Put it in front of your restaurant or other business, it will last forever, and people will want to use it.

See the Sani-Spire® in action and enjoy the best steaks in Chicago! Visit Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse at 2105 South Spring Road, Oak Brook IL 60523 or one of their other locations.